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Ovo’s Rustic 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Ovo’s Rustic Resource Pack is one of a kind pack because it brings to you some new cool features about the details of the game. The best thing about this pack, in our opinion is the way that the developer, Ovo by its name, accomplished to combine the colors of the walls and the ground into some big united environment. Also, this resource pack is now available for minecraft 1.7 and you can enjoy every little bit of it anytime you want. Also, if we are talking about the colors that are changed, this new version of the resource pack is coming with an amazing nuance of green which is really bringing some life to the game. This resource pack was additionally intended to improve the pieces in minecraft to make it look more genuine than the definitive (more shadow impacts and gleaming impacts). So fundamentally this resource pack just push this diversion to the next level which is path superior to the first ever ones.


Changelog v1.1.3:

  • Added enderdragon mob texture
  • Added horse GUI
  • Added coal block texture
  • Added hardened clay colored block textures
  • Added charcoal texture
  • Added “glint.png”
  • Added “particlefield.png”
  • Fixed coal brightness
  • Update for Minecraft 1.7.4!

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download the Ovo’s Rustic resource pack
  2. Download MCPatcher HD and patch your Minecraft.
  3. Copy resource pack .zip file in .minecraft\resourcepacks
  4. Play game and select this pack!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.5
Block Texture - 8.9
Item Texture - 8.9
Animation - 8.6
Mobs - 8.9



A pack quite well done...

User Rating: 4.39 ( 43 votes)

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