Paper Cut-Out 1.19.4 Resource Pack

Take the default Minecraft textures and put an even more simple and elegant style to it, and you have the wonderful Paper Cut Out resource pack. This pack is focused around Minecraft’s 2D elements, bringing many textures and icons to appear like a paper cut out. This texture pack seems like there is some comparison to the ideas of the famous Paper Mario games, with items and icons appearing like sheets of paper in the world. From items, to ore, to mobs, the Paper cut out resource pack is designed to reinvent the Minecraft world into a simpler visual experience. This is the perfect resource pack for those looking for an absolutely minimal and clean Minecraft experience, as it takes the original game elements and puts an even more relaxed tone to everything. Sit back and enjoy the simplicity of Minecraft with the Paper Cut Out resource pack. If you are a gamer that isn’t into the flashy and overly-complicated resource packs for Minecraft, then this is surely the proper choice for your needs. Enjoy a relaxing playthrough with otherwise friendly-looking mobs and a world of new textures and biomes to explore.

For gamers that might have limited options for add-on resource packs due to fear of slow PC performance, this is the ideal choice for you. Due to its basic nature and minimal style, this resource pack is very quick and easy to install and will work on nearly any device. There are no demanding shaders or textures for the Paper Cut Out resource pack, meaning that you can use this on any computer with no noticeable performance changes. If you are a fan of the paper cut out resource pack and you have a more high-performance computer, you can feel free to install other mods, shaders, or more to add on to the experience of this minimally beautiful resource pack. There are countless options for customization due to the simple nature of the paper cut out resource pack. Add mods and optimize your experience and share your unique Paper Cut Out resource pack gameplay with the world!

Paper Cut-Out compatible versions:
  • 1.19.4
  • 1.19.3
  • 1.19.2
  • 1.19.1
  • 1.19
  • 1.18.2
  • 1.18.1
  • 1.18
  • 1.17.1
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.5
  • 1.16.4
  • 1.16.3
  • 1.16.2
  • 1.16.1
  • 1.16
  • 1.15.2
  • 1.15.1
  • 1.15
  • 1.14.4
  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.2
  • 1.14.1
  • 1.14
  • 1.13.2
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.13
  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.11
  • 1.10.2
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.10

Paper Cut-Out — Features

Mob Effects
Map Textures

Paper Cut-Out Paintings

Paper Cut-Out resource pack has a custom panorama built-in.

Paper Cut-Out Panorama

The panorama is a slowly panning wide-angle view of a Minecraft world displayed on the main menu.

Paper Cut-Out pack uses custom font.

Paper Cut-Out custom font

Paper Cut-Out has different textures for some entities that can spawn on specific biomes. Optifine requested!

Cow icon


Cow 1
Cow 1
Cow 2
Cow 3
Cow 4
Cow 5
Cow 6
Cow 7
Cow 8
Creeper icon


Creeper 2
Creeper 3
Creeper 4
Creeper 5
Creeper 6
Goat icon


Goat 2
Goat 3
Goat 4
Goat 5
Pig icon


Pig 2
Squid icon


Squid 2
Squid 3
Squid 4
Squid 5
Squid 6
Squid 7

Paper Cut-Out — Progress

93.8% Blocks
99.8% Items
98.2% Mobs

Paper Cut-Out — Screenshots & Video

Paper Cut-Out — 3D Render

Paper Cut-Out — Installation Guide

We recommended pre-install the Optifine Mod, without it some features of Paper Cut-Out may not working.
  1. Download this resource pack. – You should download a ZIP file
  2. Now launch Minecraft and go to Options. – Make sure to open Minecraft: Java Edition
  3. Click on the “Resource Packs…” button.
  4. Drag and drop downloaded ZIP file into Minecraft window.
  5. The new resource pack should be in your “Available” list of packs.


  1. Avatar for Baneborg24

    What do the weapons look like?

  2. Avatar for Summer

    Omg I’ve been looking for the perfect texture pack for so long because I don’t like the 32x type stuff but this is amazing. I’ve never wanted a texture pack more than I do now. Good designs 🙂

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