🧱 Default Resource Packs

Default resource packs often stay true to Vanilla Minecraft. These resource packs aren’t designed to refresh the game completely, but will add small touches and new features that are missing from the original Minecraft game. Gamers will enjoy fresh GUI changes, new animations, or optimized textures for the Vanilla version of the game with default resource packs.

Depixel Resource Pack 🧱

32x Depixel 1.18.1

The Depixel resource pack has been specially crafted in order to provide an all new Minecraft gaming experience. The development team was tired of the simple and...

Lithos Resource Pack 🧱
3D Render!

32x Lithos 1.18.1

Lithos Faithful is a resource pack that aims to keep the look of Minecraft with a higher resolution, while also adding a few twists. This resource pack is a 32x...

Faithful 32x32 Resource Pack 🧱
3D Render!

32x Faithful 32x32 1.18.1

The Faithful resource pack line is perhaps one of the most recognized in the community. While there are several options for this resource pack, the Faithful 32x32...

Faithful 64x64 Resource Pack 🧱

64x Faithful 64x64 1.18.1

Being one of the most downloaded resource packs of all time, the Faithful 64x64 resource pack is the go-to of all experienced Minecraft players looking for a...

Mes'easons Resource Pack 🧱

16x Mes'easons 1.16.5

The Mes'easons resource pack allows changes of all four seasons across the entire game. This texture pack truly spices up the game, leaving you eager to explore...

Paper Cut-Out Resource Pack 🧱
3D Render!

16x Paper Cut-Out 1.17

Take the default Minecraft textures and put an even more simple and elegant style to it, and you have the wonderful Paper Cut Out resource pack. This pack is...

Epic Adventures Resource Pack 🧱

32x Epic Adventures 1.16.5

Double the fun with the brand new Epic Adventures resource pack for Minecraft. With an all new visual appearance thanks to lighting shaders and outstanding new...

Firewolf Resource Pack 🧱

128x Firewolf 1.16.5

The Firewolf Resource pack is flooded with minimal designs structured on bright coloring and creative textures. While there was a wave of flashy and distracting...

8-bitCraft Resource Pack 🧱

8x 8-bitCraft 1.16.5

The 8-bitCraft 2 resource pack plays up the original visual elements of Minecraft in a whole new way. This resource pack is actually themed after the Vanilla...

Stay True Resource Pack 🧱

16x Stay True 1.16.5

Take a dive into one of the most realistic and exciting Minecraft world experiences with the Stay True resource pack. The designers of this pack have created an...

OGZCraft Resource Pack 🧱

8x OGZCraft 1.16.5

Step outside of the high-resolution resource pack loop with the ultra-minimal OGZCraft resource pack. This simple and straightforward resource pack is designed to...

VanillaXBR Resource Pack 🧱

64x VanillaXBR 1.16.5

This is a resource pack for the true Minecraft fan. The VanillaXBR resource pack is designed to bring some welcome upgrades to the visual experience of Minecraft...

Celestial Zenith Resource Pack 🧱

32x Celestial Zenith 1.16.5

The Celestial Zenith Resource Pack adds a new level of detail to the Minecraft world while remaining true to the original game design and experience. Many gamers...

Jicklus Resource Pack 🧱

16x Jicklus 1.16.5

The Jicklus resource pack is well known within the community for two versions; Jicklus Orange and Jicklus Green. Both of these options add an extra level of detail...