💀 Horror Resource Packs

Horror resource packs are designed to bring a scary atmosphere into the Minecraft world. With these resource packs, you will be looking around every corner and watching your back more often to ensure that you are safe. While elements of Minecraft might not be so scary, horror resource packs bring a more frightening gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

DoomCraft Resource Pack 💀

32x DoomCraft 1.14.4

One of the most famous first-person shooters in the history of gaming is Doom. Now, you can enjoy the anticipated crossover between Doom and Minecraft with the...

Silent Hill 1.7.5 HD Resource Pack 💀

Silent Hill 1.7.5 HD

Silent Hill resource pack updates the greater part of the default textures, minecraft recently has fundamentally. The resource pack is accessible in 3 distinctive...