💀 Horror Resource Packs

Horror resource packs are designed to bring a scary atmosphere into the Minecraft world. With these resource packs, you will be looking around every corner and watching your back more often to ensure that you are safe. While elements of Minecraft might not be so scary, horror resource packs bring a more frightening gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Asphyxious Resource Pack 💀

16x The Asphyxious 1.19.4

The developers of the Asphyxious resource pack designed this pack with one goal in mind; to bring scary and horror elements into the Minecraft world. With new...

Wayukian Resource Pack 💀

16x Wayukian 1.19.4

The Wayukian resource pack is an outstanding designed pack with elements of horror and darkness. The spooky designs of mobs and the darker coloring used for...

DoomCraft Resource Pack 💀

32x DoomCraft 1.14.4

One of the most famous first-person shooters in the history of gaming is Doom. Now, you can enjoy the anticipated crossover between Doom and Minecraft with the...

Silent Hill HD Resource Pack 💀

256x Silent Hill HD 1.8.9

The Silent Hill HD resource pack is designed after the popular horror franchise, Silent Hill. Enjoy the high definition offerings of this resource pack and the...

SlenderCraft Resource Pack 💀

16x ⥂ 32x SlenderCraft 1.11.2

Experience a new spooky game world thanks to the development of the SlenderCraft resource pack. Everyone is familiar with the scary ghost/monster known as...

Prometheus Resource Pack 💀

32x Prometheus 1.6.4

The Prometheus Resource pack is absolutely incredible. This Sci-fi, futuristic resource pack is designed after the famous movie Prometheus. Featuring elements of...