Wayukian 1.7.4 Resources Pack

Wayukian Resources Pack 1.7.4 is a great pack if you love animals. Not only it adds a lot species of animals, but it also adds some hideous creatures and everything is changed into dark, so if usually something is red, now it will be a dark red. Also, a nice idea of this pack is the fact that you can equip your horse with an armor so you can protect your ride, but you will have to find or to craft the armor. Nevertheless, despite the only resolution of x16, this pack is great and it’s worth trying by any player out there. Installation with MCPatcher is strongly recommended. Pack keeps the taste of Minecraft and enhance it to an alternate level. It is similar to a “true” overhaul for minecraft that ought to be carried out long time back however indeed not a single person considered it. Wayukian Texture Pack likewise incorporates more covering and weapons incorporating rares and enchantment.



  • All Overworld mobs
  • Some Randomobs support
  • Title panorama
  • All player armor sets
  • Some CTM support
  • Custom Color support
  • Custom biome coloring
  • Enderdragon
  • Ender sky and portal effect
  • GUI
  • Custom animated water and lava
  • Statistics icons
  • Precipitation
  • Default character skin
  • Icons
  • HUD
  • Terrain
  • Clouds
  • Celestial bodies
  • Vehicles
  • Particles
  • Underwater haze

Wayukian Changelog v1.7:

  • Changed dandelion to actually look like one
  • Tweaked original yellow flower to be a daisy instead
  • Added azure bluet
  • Added tulips (orange, pink, red, white)
  • Added allium
  • Added rose bush
  • Added peony
  • Added lilac
  • Added sunflower
  • Added poppy
  • Added blue orchid
  • Made reeds biome-colored
  • Added double tall grass
  • Added tall fern
  • Changed small fern to match tall fern
  • Added podzol
  • Added packed ice
  • Added red sand
  • Added stained glass
  • Added resource pack GUI arrows
  • Added command block minecart
  • Added pufferfish
  • Added clownfish
  • Added salmon (raw and cooked)
  • Added acacia (planks, logs, leaves, saplings)
  • Added roofed oak (planks, logs, leaves, saplings)

New mob skins:

  • Added Wither
  • Added Wither skeleton
  • Added Ghast


  • Added shadow
  • Added enchantment glint
  • Added unknown pack icon
  • Added old style fern and flowers to alternates folder
  • Made potato growth stages unique
  • Tweaked carrot growth stages
  • Made melon stem unique
  • Added backdrop color to reticle to prevent visual bugs while using shaders
  • Added empty slot graphics to prevent visual bugs caused by the 1.7 update
  • Slightly tweaked glass pane sides to remove the z-fighting at the intersection
  • Made birch leaves unique
  • Adjusted birch color map to better suit the new leaves
  • Increased contrast and depth on oak leaves, spruce leaves and jungle leaves
  • Increased contrast and sharpness on oak logs and spruce logs
  • Tweaked log tops to better match wood colors
  • Temporarily removed custom fog colors due to a bug in MCPatcher

Mod support by this pack:

  • Buildcraft
  • ComputerCraft
  • RedPower 2
  • Forestry
  • Railcraft
  • Thermal Expansion
  • IndustrialCraft 2
  • IronChests
  • Pink Emma’s Tomes
  • Risugami’s Armor Stand
  • SimpleOres

 Installation tutorial:

  1. Download the correct version of the MCPatcher for your OS and patch your Minecraft client (recommended, but not need for working this pack).
  2. Download this pack for Minecraft 1.7, below!
  3. Copy or move Wayukian_pack_v6.3.zip in .minecraft\resourcepacks folder.
  4. Play game and select wayukian pack, enjoy!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.6
Block Texture - 9.4
Item Texture - 9.8
Animation - 9.7
Mobs - 9.7


Editors' Choice

Another pack updated for MC 1.7.4 and at a resolution of 16x16, which looks great with MCPatcher installed.

User Rating: 3.79 ( 34 votes)


  1. blank
    Michael Christie

    I love the texture pack, but my only complaint is that it doesn’t have textures for nether mobs and the giant mushrooms on the mooshrooms.

  2. blank

    I tried this pack and it looked SO awesome, I was SO excited!! …til I saw the glass :(. Sorry but with your glass texture (metallic bars) my house now looks like a jail and I don’t like it 🙁

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