32x Resource Packs

Browse the most up-to-date list of the best 32x32 texture packs that you can download for various versions of Minecraft, all resource packs are crafted by talented artists from all over the world.

SapixCraft Resource Pack 🎨

32x SapixCraft 1.19.2

Sometimes, a resource pack is known solely because of its detailed and determined creator. This is the case with the SapixCraft resource pack, designed and...

Faithful 32x32 Resource Pack 🧱
3D Render!

32x Faithful 32x32 1.19.2

The Faithful resource pack line is perhaps one of the most recognized in the community. While there are several options for this resource pack, the Faithful 32x32...

Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack 🎨
3D Render!

32x Sphax PureBDCraft 1.19.2

Sphax PureBDCraft adds new visual elements to Minecraft that creates an atmosphere of cartoonish feelings. This resource pack offers textures and appearances that...

Luna HD Resource Pack πŸ“Έ

32x Luna HD 1.19.2

Luna HD is a very popular resource pack. It aims to make the textures and blocks more realistic and improve the overall look. This pack comes in 4 different...

Epic Adventures Resource Pack πŸ“Έ

32x Epic Adventures 1.19.2

Double the fun with the brand new Epic Adventures resource pack for Minecraft. With an all new visual appearance thanks to lighting shaders and outstanding new...

John Smith Legacy Resource Pack 🏰

32x John Smith Legacy 1.19.2

The John Smith Legacy resource pack is one of the most detailed Medieval style resource packs built for Minecraft. Built around a popular style of games featuring...

Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack 🧱

32x Battered Old Stuff 1.18.2

For an unrivaled realistic Minecraft experience, take a look at the Battered Old Stuff Resource Pack. This realistic pack offers a wide range of textures that are...

GrungeBDcraft Resource Pack πŸ“Έ

32x GrungeBDcraft 1.18.2

One of the great developers of famed resource packs, Sphax, is back with the new GrungeBDCraft pack. This is a new take from Sphax, making a realistic and more...

Adventure Time Craft Resource Pack 🎨

32x Adventure Time Craft 1.19.2

For fans of the beloved characters Finn and Jake, you can now enjoy the world of Adventure Time within Minecraft with the Adventure Time resource pack. The...

GeruDoku Resource Pack 🏰

32x GeruDoku 1.19.2

The Gerudoku is a resource pack that is made in reference to the DokuCraft pack. It takes many of the basic features of the original and rebuilding some of the...

Lithos Resource Pack 🧱
3D Render!

32x Lithos 1.19.2

Lithos Faithful is a resource pack that aims to keep the look of Minecraft with a higher resolution, while also adding a few twists. This resource pack is a 32x...

Conquest Resource Pack πŸ“Έ

32x Conquest 1.19.2

If you are looking for alternatives to the famed John Smith resource pack, then the upgraded and realistic Conquest resource pack is the ideal option for you. This...

Dokucraft The Saga Continues Resource Pack 🏰

32x Dokucraft The Saga Continues 1.18.2

DokuCraft The Saga Continues is a resource pack designed around realistic medieval and fantasy gameplay. Gamers will find that the fresh textures and overall design...

Coterie Craft Resource Pack 🧱

32x Coterie Craft 1.18.2

Coterie Craft might just be one of the most recognized names in the resource world of Minecraft. This is a famous pack that is known for its outstanding visual...