Ozocraft 1.19.4 Resource Pack

For those looking for a truly optimized Minecraft experience with full customization and building freedom, then look no further than the OzoCraft resource pack. This resource pack is a major player, relating to the amazing performance of the famous John Smith resource pack. One of the major features of the OzoCraft resource pack is the classic styling and more features textures that relate to antiquities. This takes the classic feeling of Minecraft and remodels it into a more rustic and gritty experience. This OzoCraft resource pack adds outstanding details and a wide range of unique shaders to make for a completely new gameplay experience. As many players have stated, this is one of the best shaded packs, with lighting and textures that go nearly unrivaled. This is reinforced by the extraordinary coloring of the blocks, items, and many more features in the game. Gamers will experience a nearly new Minecraft playthrough experience with the OzoCraft resource pack.

One of the downfalls of this resource pack is that it does not allow for extra mod support like many other packs do. But fear not, this is no issue due to the endless crafting and design opportunities that are available to you thanks to the highly detailed textures and blocks. The overall benefit of using this fan-favorite resource pack is the amazing rustic and somewhat classic environment. You will find many of the familiar and comfortable experiences when playing through Minecraft, with a major twist of beauty and attention to detail thanks to the hard-working team that created OzoCraft resource pack. Enjoy the awe-inspiring textures that make huge differences when you are building amazing structures, castles, or fortresses in your next playthrough

Ozocraft compatible versions:
  • 1.19.4
  • 1.19.3
  • 1.19.2
  • 1.19.1
  • 1.19
  • 1.18.2
  • 1.18.1
  • 1.18
  • 1.17.1
  • 1.17
  • 1.14.4
  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.2
  • 1.14.1
  • 1.14
  • 1.13.2
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.13
  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.11
  • 1.10.2
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.10
  • 1.9.4
  • 1.9.3
  • 1.9.2
  • 1.9.1
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.9
  • 1.8.8
  • 1.8.7
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.5
  • 1.8.4
  • 1.8.3
  • 1.8.2
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • 1.7.10
  • 1.7.9
  • 1.7.8
  • 1.7.7
  • 1.7.6
  • 1.7.5
  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.7
  • 1.6.4
  • 1.6.2

Ozocraft — Screenshots & Video

Ozocraft — Installation Guide

We recommended pre-install the Optifine Mod, without it some features of Ozocraft may not working.
  1. Download this resource pack. – You should download a ZIP file
  2. Now launch Minecraft and go to Options. – Make sure to open Minecraft: Java Edition
  3. Click on the “Resource Packs…” button.
  4. Drag and drop downloaded ZIP file into Minecraft window.
  5. The new resource pack should be in your “Available” list of packs.


  1. Avatar for poop

    we are stuck on step one

  2. Avatar for Michael

    It looks really cool, but when I download the .zip file and move it into the resource pack folder, it still doesn’t show up as a resource pack option. I think there’s something wrong with it.

  3. Avatar for Michael

    Please disregard the previous comment I submitted; I wrote it on the wrong resource pack page. I am a big fan of ozocraft, and this resource pack works perfectly.

  4. Avatar for terminatertom007

    Nice resource pack, Keep up the good work 😛

  5. Avatar for SWMinecrafter

    How do i download it?

  6. Avatar for .

    1.6.4 no THIS IS 1.7

  7. Avatar for Pixel Crab

    I had this resource pack back whenever it was named “Ozo’s texture pack” and I’ve loved it ever since

  8. Avatar for Zibley

    I like the pack. All in inventory are great. Some even reflect like the diamonds and gold bars. All animals look pretty much the same except a little more depth so they don’t look stupid like in some packs. Everything looks great even the experience bar is changed. Only down fall that I don’t like is the water texture.

  9. Avatar for Mac6940

    how do u download

  10. Avatar for agnete00

    help how do i intall it? when i push the download button it goes to other downloads like bearshare and others

  11. Avatar for helping hand

    make sure you click on minecraft 1.6.4 and click download ozo for minecraft 1.6.4

  12. Avatar for GejllO!!

    Help i cant download

  13. Avatar for robyn

    do you know why it’s downloaded as an .exe file? i have a mac.

  14. Avatar for allcraftgamer

    how to download it

  15. Avatar for S.3

    where i can download those shaders for 1.6.4?

  16. Avatar for tonytorresyoxd

    how the heul do i download it ?? i cant do step number one?!?!?!

  17. Avatar for Rare

    I LOVE the music!

  18. Avatar for Rare

    Can i have the composer of the music name?

  19. Avatar for Marty


  20. Avatar for |Tom|™

    Were is the download button ?

  21. Avatar for disqus_7XuA0T1bth

    Love Ozocraft, top 3 best resource packs out there. Maybe even number 1.

  22. Avatar for ResourcePacks

    You used installer for install this resource pack?

    • Avatar for A Confused Resourcepack User
      A Confused Resourcepack User

      No, I used no installer, but I found a new resource pack I like (not going to advertise for it) so I’m fine.

      I used the official link which says ‘Download Ozocraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.2’ and with two below it for 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

      I don’t think this happened to me with the previous versions of Ozocraft, but I’m not sure.

      I absolutely recommend it if you don’t mind this ‘spying’ but without proper confirmation I’m going to stay away.

      • Avatar for A Confused Resourcepack User
        A Confused Resourcepack User

        It was a might, it didn’t actually say there was a virus, just yellow, not red.

        I think I’ll give it another shot, it is a great pack after all.

  23. Avatar for MinecraftMods255

    The link for this download contains a trojan in the form of a pdf, called exploit, please dont download it.

  24. Avatar for Cookie_Skully

    How do i skip the ad on the adf.ly

  25. Avatar for help

    when downloaded it says it cannot be extracted due to error in archive or bad file type…. but its .zip……

  26. Avatar for FanatsyGamer51

    If I want to download the. Rar file I come to the “adfly” page and skip the ads after the download starts automatically. After that it is either stuck or the page it stops the download at 08 MB.

    Any other textures pack it will only download the “Ozocraft” resource pack it can not load.

    Translated by Google Translator


  27. Avatar for asdfghjkl

    I can’t download the friggin’ ressource pack wherever I click. I want the ressource pack, not a friggin torrent

  28. Avatar for allydallson

    Could you please do a tutorial how to download it I can even seem to figure it out!

  29. Avatar for Lexxi

    when i click the download button it brings me to adfly for five seconds then redirects me to a page filled with ads… i don’t get it o-o

  30. Avatar for Alessio Colombo
    Alessio Colombo

    I love it! Very cool! The endermen say “i love you”! EPIC!

  31. Avatar for ytryryry

    like a boss

  32. Avatar for Ada

    1.6.4 doesnt work.

  33. Avatar for daredevil28

    i cant download it if i going trough adfly i get about:blank

  34. Avatar for The T

    I have download it but the file is empty and i cant extract it…

  35. Avatar for TKBangel

    doe yoe guys know how toe download spax pure bdcraft
    en wit no adf.ly

  36. Avatar for veli

    merhaba ben türküm

  37. Avatar for belelia

    there is a bug with flowers. the blue flower and pink tulip show as some red bush flower when placed on dirt.

  38. Avatar for Homer_Was_Here

    Diggeley diggeley

  39. Avatar for cityman321

    This is an Awesome Recourse Pack I really like it! Have you made any others because i’d really loveto install them.

  40. Avatar for Miguel

    The download for the 1.6.4 does not work , :L

  41. Avatar for ResourcePacks

    Sorry, but 8×8 is the smallest resolution for Minecraft.

  42. Avatar for You

    Somehow it says Error 50505 please help

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