GUI Resource Packs

Not all resource packs go above and beyond to change every single aspect of the Minecraft game. Some devoted developers go above and beyond to change every small detail. This includes the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Minecraft. Everything from the HUD to the crafting visuals are included in the GUI. Some resource packs only change the GUI, while others fit GUI changes in with the rest of the game upgrades.

ScarySauce Resource Pack

16x ScarySauce 1.11.2

The ScarySauce resource pack is actually not so scary. Instead, it is a reflection of medieval times within Minecraft. There are many medieval resource packs...

MarvelousCraft Resource Pack

64x MarvelousCraft 1.11.2

The Marvelouscraft resource pack has been customized to provide a familiar Minecraft gameplay experience with upgraded textures and visuals. Your familiar Minecraft...

Dandelion Resource Pack

16x Dandelion 1.13.2

Dandelions are just the start of where the Dandelion Resource Pack makes a huge change to the visual appeal of Minecraft. This outstandingly designed pack combines...

Nextcraft Resource Pack

128x Nextcraft 1.7.10

Immerse yourself in a Matrix-like world with the NextCraft Resource Pack. This resource pack is a simple visual upgrade that adds a new art style to appear like...

Prime Craft HD Resource Pack

32x Prime Craft HD 1.6.4

Prime Craft HD brings a bunch of awesome designs and visual changes into Minecraft. The developers have taken special precautions to provide upgrades to the GUI,...