Clean Resource Packs

Clean resource packs are right to the point. There are no additional bells or whistles when it comes to this style. You will find the art direction to be straightforward, refined, and soft. If you are looking for a polished gaming experience while adding some fresh new features, then a clean Minecraft resource pack is the right option for you

oCd Resource Pack
3D Render!

16x oCd 1.18.1

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is well known for the features that people are constantly looking to put things in their proper places and ensure that everything is...

Faithful 32x32 Resource Pack
3D Render!

32x Faithful 32x32 1.17

The Faithful resource pack line is perhaps one of the most recognized in the community. While there are several options for this resource pack, the Faithful 32x32...

Firewolf Resource Pack

128x Firewolf 1.16.5

The Firewolf Resource pack is flooded with minimal designs structured on bright coloring and creative textures. While there was a wave of flashy and distracting...

Digs' Simple Resource Pack

8x Digs' Simple 1.17

For a simplified and smooth world design for Minecraft, look no further than Digs' Simple Resource Pack. The designs of the elements have been altered and adjusted...

OGZCraft Resource Pack

8x OGZCraft 1.16.5

Step outside of the high-resolution resource pack loop with the ultra-minimal OGZCraft resource pack. This simple and straightforward resource pack is designed to...

Celestial Zenith Resource Pack

32x Celestial Zenith 1.16.5

The Celestial Zenith Resource Pack adds a new level of detail to the Minecraft world while remaining true to the original game design and experience. Many gamers...

Soft Bits Resource Pack

16x Soft Bits 1.16.5

Taking inspiration from the famed PlasticCraft pack comes the new and innovative Soft Bits resource pack. This resource pack takes some of the famous details of the...

Garnet Resource Pack

16x Garnet 1.16.5

Improve the level of detail and coloring of Vanilla Minecraft with the Garnet resource pack. This pack is specially designed to optimize coloring and throw in extra...

Rodrigo’s Resource Pack

8x Rodrigo’s 1.16.5

Rodrigo's Resource Pack takes Minecraft’s core features and adjusts many of the PvP elements to provide a better player versus player experience. The basis of...

CraftMania Resource Pack

16x CraftMania 1.16.5

The CraftMania Resource Pack isn’t designed to give you a completely new Minecraft experience, it is actually designed to make minor improvements on Vanilla....

AgirCraft Resource Pack

64x AgirCraft 1.16.5

The AgirCraft resource pack is one of the most anticipated resource packs available for Minecraft. It is designed with a level of precision and detail that brings a...

BjornCraft Resource Pack

32x ⥂ 64x BjornCraft 1.16.5

BjornCraft is a resource pack that brings a new level of innovation and realism into your Minecraft gaming experience. This is a resource pack that has been in...

Tiny Pixels Resource Pack
3D Render!

16x Tiny Pixels 1.16.5

The Tiny Pixels resource pack is the go-to option for gamers looking for a minimalistic Minecraft gameplay experience. There are countless simple resource packs on...

Smooth Realistic Resource Pack

64x ⥂ 128x Smooth Realistic 1.13.2

Realistic resource packs utilize many different visual aspects and upgrades to be unique. In the case of the Smooth Realistic resource pack, the developers have...