Futuristic Resource Packs

Futuristic resource packs alter your game world into a new era. Instead of the raw and classic Minecraft world, you will be immersed in a modern world design focused around futuristic designs. All of the textures and features are redesigned to offer gamers a chance to change the game’s atmosphere into a futuristic and dystopian design.

Mine Wars Resource Pack

16x Mine Wars 1.7.10

There are countless movie fans that also play Minecraft. One of the biggest and most anticipated crossovers is Star Wars and Minecraft. This is now achievable...

Nextcraft Resource Pack

128x Nextcraft 1.7.10

Immerse yourself in a Matrix-like world with the NextCraft Resource Pack. This resource pack is a simple visual upgrade that adds a new art style to appear like...

Iron Man 2 Resource Pack

64x Iron Man 2 1.8.9

The Iron Man 2 resource pack is a themed pack based on the famous Marvel superhero movie. Iron Man 2 the movie is known for its action-packed sequences and exciting...