Clean Resource Packs

Clean resource packs are right to the point. There are no additional bells or whistles when it comes to this style. You will find the art direction to be straightforward, refined, and soft. If you are looking for a polished gaming experience while adding some fresh new features, then a clean Minecraft resource pack is the right option for you

David's Detailed Resource Pack

64x David's Detailed 1.12.2

As the name suggests, the David's Details resource pack is filled with upgraded designs and textures to vastly improve the gameplay experience within Minecraft....

Prime Craft HD Resource Pack

32x Prime Craft HD 1.6.4

Prime Craft HD brings a bunch of awesome designs and visual changes into Minecraft. The developers have taken special precautions to provide upgrades to the GUI,...

Defscape Resource Pack

16x ⥂ 64x Defscape 1.6.4

The Defscape resource pack is a classic pack in the community offering upgraded visuals and higher resolution options for the Minecraft world. It is due to the...

High Rossferry City Resource Pack

64x High Rossferry City 1.6.4

Without a doubt, the High Rossferry City resource pack is the ideal pack for Minecraft designers and architects to use. The detailed textures and fluid designs of...