Flow’s HD 1.12.2 Resource Pack

Flow’s HD Resource Pack by Exevium, the developer, has everything! The moment I clicked on the discussion string my psyche was totally passed up the smoothness and unpredictability of every single surface.

This is a 128×128 resource pack (so made for sensibly exceptional PC) that takes the thought that Minecraft doesn’t need to look coarse and 8-digit. It can look polished, smooth and practically flawless. All aspects of Flow’s HD works with the Minecraft planet; if you’re mining in a profound sinkhole or adventuring in a wonderful mountain extent, you will have 10 times as much fun in light of the fact that everything looks far better.

The GUI additionally look dazing. Your toolbar is so glossy and impeccable. You can truly see the hours of work Fettgondel has put into this bit of artwork. He bases the resources from the genuine yet makes them substantially more impeccable and gleaming while as of now fitting with the vanilla Minecraft experience.






I swear up and down to you that you will be passed up Flow’s HD. I wish I could sit here for a considerable length of time on close expounding on every and every living soul of the resource pack; about how impeccable, efficient, glossy and overall staggering they are. Meanwhile, you’ll simply need to take my word for it and take a gander at.

Flow’s HD Changelog v1.8:

  • Complete finished textures for all blocks and items in Minecraft 1.8.X!
  • New Podzol Texture
  • New Packed Ice Texture
  • Textures for some new plants
  • Actually Golden Carrots

Also, depending on whether it is done or not, a 64x version is in the process which I hope to release shortly.

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Flow’s HD texture pack in a zip format, below.
  2. Install Optifine HD or MCPatcher HD, because this pack is in HD, 128×128.
  3. Run Minecraft, go to Resource Packs button and make click on Open Resource Pack Folder button.
  4. Do not close Minecraft. Place the resource pack (ZIP file) in the opened folder, and unzip ZIP file!
  5. Now you can select this pack from the list of resource packs installed.

Download Flow's HD Resource Pack

The download links for Flow's HD Resource Pack 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2 that are below are protected and safe to download. We are sure that there isn't any viruses or malwares within the links that we offer. We additionally know that Minecraft players usually search for the newest updates of Minecraft downloads. If a version of Flow's HD Resource Pack that you want isn't listed below, leave us a comment to let us know about it.


  1. I have fallen in love…..

  2. Wow this is superb

  3. did it take 10 minutes to download for anyone else?

  4. This used to have a really awesome sky box back before the 1.6 update… what happened to it? The epic sky was one of my favorite things, especially at night :`-(

  5. how is this for 1.6.2? it doesnt have the horse gui or the horse armor

  6. Andrei Hellaflush

    Where can i download the house from the third picture?

  7. the owerlay doesnt work for me D:

  8. how do i get them

  9. Dosent work on 1.6.4 Windows Vista 32-bit… 🙁 it hangs when i select it in the resource pack section

  10. Super Resocure pack polecam!!!!!!!

  11. awesome!

  12. xxpedopenguinxx

    love the texture pack makes the minecraft building expireance much more injoyable makes everything look better dont no wear i would be with out it

  13. It has awesome night sky, beautifull, but now, in this version, there is no such thing. Just classical Minecraft night sky… I don’t like it too much anymore….. Awesome pack, but I miss that night sky….

  14. 1.7.2 PLEAS!!

  15. C’mon who uses doors anymore?

  16. I have white every chests, they don´t have texture. Help.
    But I loves this texture pack! I love modern buildings.
    Sorry for my english, I´m czech 😀

  17. Cool. The original seems like a very old computer that is slow. I like this texture pack.

  18. Best Resource/Texture Pack I’ve ever seen!

  19. Does anyone hav a fix for the horse health and jump bar?

  20. fix the untextured items

  21. Not only doors, bed also has bugs. This is because 1.7 update is a big update(they use different code).

  22. nicholas henseleit

    wtf why does the stained clay look terrible… i get cyan stained clay is an actual cyan color, but most other texture packs it look grey… so dont ruin this texture pack my making it an actual cyan color >.>

  23. Michael Christianto

    Very Very Very Very and Very NICE!!!!!!

  24. Michael Christianto

    @Joey:1.7.2 is out now.

  25. Michael Christianto

    I hear his is Keralis Resource Pack

  26. For some reason my sugar cane is gray. but besides that I give this pack 1000 out of 10

  27. armor looks very bad

  28. Sorry to be a tool but where is the download button to the actual texture pack? All that I can find is the download to iLivid or BearShare please help!

  29. great, even the so called 1.6.4 is only available when running minecraft version 1.7.2 -.- epic fail.

  30. why do you have to download genieo

  31. same problem here. i tried 64 bit as well and no different. it worked fine in 1.6 version

  32. It’s bad format, you have to unzip it. Than it works. 🙂

  33. 🙂 i luv this resource pack

  34. I dont know how to unzip

  35. Keralis det funkar inte för om man trycker på 1.7.4 versionen kommer man till 1.7.2 filen på MediaFire. Så det jag försöker säga är att ni laddar ner 1.7.2 versionen när ni trycker på 1.7.4 versionen. Men jag vet inte hur man fixar det. Ps. Du är min favorite Youtuber stay active! 🙂

  36. cool man cool

  37. 1.7.2 is 100% compatible with 1.7.4!

  38. Keralis brought me here :)! It’s an amazing texture pack, I’m telling you!

  39. i dosent seem to reconise the file in my resours foler i have winrar and i got 64 bit on for 1.7.4 help

  40. can someone help. It says theres nothing in the folder or its invalid

  41. it also wont let me unzip it.

  42. minecraft is 1.7.4 it downloads 1.7.2 dosent work and i really want this pack

  43. When I click on 1.7.4, it downloads the 1.7.2 version. Ya done goofed

  44. im bascally just really confused on the 2nd to last bit?? help?!

  45. This is a really cool resource pack and I’ve been using it for quite a while now! Would really recommend it 🙂

  46. minecrafter123

    i cant choose the pack how does it work?

  47. it wont download on my PC. What do i do?

  48. Logan Jennings

    I cant download because it always takes me to a video instead of a download screen!?

  49. Narutocraft3345

    I don’t have no stupid Optifine and 128x still works

  50. I love this texture pack but why is my water green?

  51. Hellos.
    I’d love to download this texture pack but whenever I click on” Download” I arrive on ilidiv and I can not take the ad so I can not download the pack. How?
    Thank you in advance for the answer

  52. Guilhermememememememe

    texture pack SHOW!

  53. Can you make a 16×16?

  54. Where can I find the 1.12 download link?

  55. Where’s the download button for 1.12 flows hd?

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