Urbancraft 1.7.5 Resource Pack

Urbancraft Resource Pack is an unimaginably reasonable composition pack. From the starting it was made for the Unlimited City extend which was an immense sensible city being made. Also as the default Minecraft composition pack isn’t extremely sensible another one was in the meets expectations. The surface pack is currently discharged for anybody to use for their assembles. It’s not suggested striving for a survival approach with the compositions since they won’t work that exceptional as they have needed to change a ton of squares to suit a reasonable city’s needs. Anyway for a sensible assemble began starting with no outside help these compositions are eminent. Numerous things have been changed, upgraded and included. This second and enhanced version of this darling composition pack characteristics numerous increases and improvements and focuses on indeed, expanding the urban and present day feeling and in addition offering sharp high definition 256x textures.


How to install Urbancraft 2.0 Resource Pack?

  1. Download .zip resource pack file
  2. Find in %appdata%/.minecraft resourcepacks folder
  3. Move or copy .zip file in resourcepacks folder
  4. Open minecraft and select this pack
  5. Enojy!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 9.7
Animation - 9.8
Mobs - 9.5


Editors' Choice

Urbancraft 2.0 is a very realistic resource pack, worth trying!

User Rating: 4.14 ( 54 votes)


  1. blank

    Pretty good!

  2. blank

    It brings me to some cinematic website. A little rediculous.

  3. blank

    great takes long to download

  4. blank
    Danielle Sachee Ruiz

    waterfall does not look good at all. It makes me dizzy just looking at it. that should look like “WATER”

  5. blank

    Its making me download ilivid, which i dont want to do because it slows my laptop. Every texture pack does that and i;m so frustrated. Can someone help me? Cause right now, im almost raging.

    • blank

      You must click on the green download button! You are clicking on ads…

    • blank

      Hi, Adv8. You should try clicking the download button at the bottem of the screen that says “download urbancraft for minecraft 1.7.2

  6. blank

    @11f73e405ea59190ca16488f282a8545:disqus You click Download Urbancraft for Minecraft 1.7.2, then it’ll take you to adfly. You wait 5 seconds and you press “SKIP AD” or something. It’ll take you to Mediafire. Then you press Download (96.XX MB). It’ll take a couple minutes though.

  7. blank

    i tried to download but ilivid keeps popping up even though i already have it downloaded

  8. blank

    a good drinking game. take a shot every time you read “sensible” in a review on this site

  9. blank

    it froze my minecraft. help plz?
    it wont load back

  10. blank

    It won’t download.It takes me to AdFly and it gets stuck on please wait…

  11. blank

    Tried it twice and it crashed both times. I rate this pack 0.03/5.00

  12. blank

    Took like 15 minutes for the download to start because of ads on mediafire, but otherwise great pack! I’m also using satellite internet, so that may have had something to do with the problems…

  13. blank

    its not complete

  14. blank

    i think is good

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