SlenderCraft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

SlenderCraft Resource Pack is a great pack inspired from the actually game “The Slederman”. It comes with the same features placed and at the same time implemented for our favorite game, Minecraft. Think about the time when you first saw a creeper strolling towards you. It gave you chills down your back, isn’t that right? Then again, you may not think such a great amount of about creepers anymore. They are no more drawn out the images of dread. That is the reason you may as well attempt this mod! The Slenderman Mod will make such a great amount of fervors for the diversion. Just beg that you won’t have bad dreams in the wake of seeing a Slenderman in your Minecraft planet. Slenderman can teleport every now and again. At one minute, you may see it standing in a separation. At an alternate minute, it could be correct infront of you, gazing down at you.


SlenderCraft Changelog v2.1:

  • Blocks Changed
  • 1.7 Textures Completed
  • Redone torch and renamed it Lantern
  • Coloring
  • Enchanced fog for the new skybox texture
  • Redone Lightmaps to give the pack more of a modern horror feeling
  • Caves are much more darker
  • Lighting is now whiteish
  • Particles
  • Removed Smoke Particles
  • Done Fire particles to match with the torch
  • Sounds
  • Fixed custom sounds not playing in 1.7 Pre-release and above
  • Otherstuff
  • Made a custom skybox for day to simulate a more realistic sky coloring(MCPatcher or Optifine required)[It makes the sky above look more darker and the horizon lighter]{Will be improved a lot more to look even more realistic}
  • Removed Vignette

Installation tutorial:

  1. Type In Your Search Or In Some Computers Called Your Run.
  2. Search %appdata%
  3. Open Up .Minecraft
  4. Go To Resource Packs
  5. Drag Slendercraft In It
  6. Open Up Your Minecraft
  7. Go To Your Resource Packs
  8. Click On Slendercraft
  9. All Done!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 9.5
Item Texture - 9
Animation - 9.3
Mobs - 9.3


Editors' Choice

Slenderman? Beware because you will be scared! Definitely!

User Rating: 3.77 ( 22 votes)


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    how do you download it? it keeps trying to download a video

  2. blank

    Do you see a green box with words saying “Download Slendercraft Resourcepack for Minecraft”? Click it that click save and look at your downloads folder

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    jajajajaj muy bueno ahh speak in spanich

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    It is cool but why are they calling it a mod? I mean there is a mod but this is a resource pack isn’t it? Oh well…

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