Sonic the Hedgehog 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Sonic the Hedgehog Resource Pack is beyond any doubt something that you know! Did you act like an adult in the 1990′s, with diversions from reassures like Super Nintendo and Sega?  Did you play Mario and obviously the Sonic diversions perpetually, mastering all the privileged insights and do speed runs?  You are in for a treat since jjpivotz (you may know his username due to the OCD resource pack, the clean and amazingly basically and wonderful pack a ton of individuals use, on top of some stunning manifestations he does on Youtube) has made a Sonic guide which is essentially astonishing.  It looks much the same as a 3d rendition of Sonic, maybe a ton like, well, Sonic 3d!  It’s truly out of this world, the surface pack that joins this guide makes this a standout amongst the most momentous maps I have ever seen. Anything from jjpivotz  is certain to be well made and brain blowing, and this doesn’t disillusion here.


Sonic the Hedgehog Changelog v1.7:

  • Update all items / blocks for Minecraft 1.7.4

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Resource Pack
  2. Put the archive (don’t extract) into %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks folder.
  3. To use Sonic skin from the texture pack, use Offline Mode
  4. Then just select the SONIC Resource Pack and you’re done.
  5. For best appearance, set brightness level to maximum in options.

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 9.8
Animation - 9.6
Mobs - 9.6


Editors' Choice

This pack is basically extravagant and addicting when you attempt to overpower your past times.

User Rating: 4.04 ( 15 votes)


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    I Love Sonic

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    Mark Adam Le Hossin

    link to a showcase video its useful

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    all the download links go to MEGA

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