Sketch Hand Drawn 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Sketch Hand Drawn Resource Pack is totally hand drawn over the designer school’s summer occasions ( I adore ’em don’t you? ). It holds rich toon portions with more than enough colour to make you captivated with what I have done. This surface pack is not 100% unique, it is duplicated straightforwardly from an amusement. However the craftsman made an incredible showing. A few sounds and surfaces don’t look precisely like the first ever ones. Not all things are textured. The principle menu has been given another look. The catches are given an outline of the mushrooms from the diversion. The new menu look provides for them you the opportunity to give Minecraft a closer feel to the first ever amusement. The stone composition packs didn’t experience that much of a change. Notwithstanding, they are overall sketched out on the sides which makes them emerge more and brings about a significant improvement. The steel piece have been totally re-textured and are given a three extent look through the utilization of shading. They are definite to the definitive steel surfaces of the Super Mario amusement. The surfaces permit you to re-make the 2d levels from the first ever diversion. The lapis lazuli square have been given a cool new look. While making 2d levels, you can likewise make 3d maps and use them to play around.


Sketch Hand Drawn Changelog v1.7:

  • Items added.
  • Ready for Minecraft 1.7.4

How to install Sketch Hand Drawn Resource Pack?

  1. Download this texture pack and MCPatcher for 1.7.4.
  2. Install MCPatcher.
  3. Find in your %appdata% folder .minecraft folder.
  4. In .minecraft, you need open resourcepacks folder.
  5. Move zip file in this folder and select this resource pack in Options -> Resource Pack button.
  6. Have fun!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 9.7
Item Texture - 9.8
Animation - 9.6
Mobs - 9.6


Editors' Choice

Sketch Hand Drawn Resource Pack is totally hand drawn over the designer school's summer occasions ( I adore 'em don't you? ).

User Rating: 3.2 ( 5 votes)


  1. These types of texture packs just look terrible.. They look like some weird form of clip-art of something, some poor attempt at being realistic.

    • Eduardo Adsfadsf Sifuentes

      What the hell? It’s not really doing that, it’s supposed to look sketchy as it was hand drawn, so it’s more artistic looking and kinda cartoony as opposed to your idea of realism. That’s where you fail at stating that it ever attempted to be realistic

  2. Guilherme Augusto Fonseca Maga


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