Golbez22’s Medieval Fantasy 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Golbez22’s Medieval Fantasy resource pack is now available for Minecraft 1.7.4 and it has a designer who knows precisely what he is making and to what topic, likewise picked by the same individual. By building and outlining the compositions to the right subject, and done so with exertion and attention; the inventor has figured out how to process an astonishing resource pack for the players pleasure. The subjects that this pack has its textures planned dependent upon are Medieval and Fantasy. Subsequently the name of the pack, this mod attempts to enable textures, as well as another topic to the session of Minecraft. The pack truly does acquaint an astounding feel with the amusement, and updates how you feel or even make due in the diversion itself. The composition pack creator has plainly put a considerable measure of exertion and enthusiasm into his work, and this obviously indicates. The effect is astonishing and extremely excellent to simply respect, to utilize.


The composition pack fashioner has unmistakably put a great deal of exertion and ardor into his work, and this obviously shows. The outcome is stunning and exceptionally splendid to simply respect, to utilize. It makes edifices made by players look 10 times better.

Medieval Fantasy Changelog v1.7:

  • Updated, some small changes but most changes will be coming in the 1.7 update
  • Support 1.7.4

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download the HDPatcher and patch you game
  2. Run the game normally and select the “mods and resource pack” on the game menu
  3. Go to the “resourcepacks” folder
  4. Copy and paste your .zip file resource pack here without unzipping
  5. Done!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.3
Block Texture - 9.3
Item Texture - 9.7
Animation - 9.3
Mobs - 9.7


Editors' Choice

Not just another medieval pack, but one of the greatest.

User Rating: 4.66 ( 13 votes)

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