Wolfhound 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Wolfhound Resource Pack it’s a 64x resolution pack of the first Thistle Texture Pack, yet I wouldn’t say as much, since the textures are all distinctive. It was depicted to be extremely elaborate and characteristics little items on everything. Actually, Wolfhound duplicates the resolution (64x) so gave us a chance to perceive how it goes. Most importantly, it’s less harsh than the Thistle pack (clearly) and Thistle had kept her measures at the same level since Wolfhound isn’t any less “point by point” than her first texture pack. With everything taken into account, I suppose this texture pack might be a splendid texture for otherworldly manors kind of structures or whatever you like. I’m recently astounded by the vectors and drawings on the pieces. Now … you choose if you even want to download it, but I could say that this is a quite original pack and it really worth.


Installation tutorial:

  1. Download and install MCPatcher or Optifine
  2. Run the game
  3. Select in options “Resource Packs” button
  4. Open the “resourcepacks” folder
  5. Copy and paste your resource pack here
  6. Enjoy!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 9.9
Item Texture - 9.9
Animation - 10
Mobs - 9.8


Editors' Choice

Derived from Thistle Texture Pack and it it still awesome.

User Rating: 4.42 ( 23 votes)


  1. blank

    I really liked this. A nice mix of medieval and fantasy for the roleplaying server I frequent.

  2. blank

    I really love this texture pack,

    It certainly doesn’t lag my game like my other Resource Packs and the textures are really nice and capture everything well.

    I like these styles of pack which give you something new but still keep it in minecraft and not too realistic. I usually go with 32×32 or 64×64 and out of all of mine, this is by far my favourite.

    If you like RPG types, medival you can count on this pack 😉

  3. blank

    i cant download it!!!

  4. blank

    this is one of my favorites its so pretty and i use it a lot

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