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Ovo’s Rustic 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Ovos Rustic Resource Pack

Ovo’s Rustic Resource Pack is one of a kind pack because it brings to you some new cool features about the details of the game. The best thing about this pack, in our opinion is the way that the developer, Ovo by its name, accomplished to combine the colors of …

Arcility 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Arcility HD Resource Pack

Arcility Resource Pack is a High Definition pack and as you know, HD textures and reasonable to take, so I present to you the bundle. Things like that however this bundle has something that makes it conceivable to shoot great films on it which is a huge in addition to. …

Kalos 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Kalos Resource Pack

The Kalos resource pack, created by EMI, is a great improved and nitty gritty resource pack in which has been made at the least determination rendition. Despite the fact that the determination possibly flat, and actually the minimum most astounding determination accessible; the item in the compositions make up for …

KayneCraft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

KayneCraft Resource Pack

KayneCraft resource pack looks really awesome in Minecraft 1.7.4! In this texture pack every details matters a lot to the author of this resource pack! ThadiusKayne is the author KayneCraft resource pack and deserve all the respect for the work they do with this pack! You can install this pack in 3 resolutions at …

JoliCraft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

JoliCraft Resource Pack

JoliCraft Resource Pack is one of that packs that no matter what resolution they have, these pack will always know how to entertain you. So, what I’m trying to say is the fact that you can go over the low resolution of x16 and really enjoy this pack because it …

StrongestCraft 1.7.5 Resource Pack

StrongestCraft Resource Pack

StrongestCraft Resource Pack is now available for minecraft 1.7.5 and 1.7.4 and you will be amazed by the features that are coming with this pack. Eraiya, the developer of the pack, though well when he first desired to design such a beautiful pack like this and he did it! Ignoring …