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Life Photo Realistic HD 1.7.9 Resource Pack

Life Photo Realistic HD Resource Pack is considered the best resource pack out there and I’m starting to agree with that. This pack is gorgeous and I could say that is everything you need and want from a pack. The colors are how they are supposed to be, the environment is way more realistic than before and everything that you can desire is now possible and available. This pack is coming with an x128 resolutions, but it looks like a x512 one, so imagine! So, the conclusion is that this is the best realistic resource pack, from my point of view, when we are talking about Minecraft. LIFE HD is a resource pack that improves the game’s visuals immensely, boasting lovely high-quality textures in order to make your MineCraft experience as enjoyable as possible. It uses real pictures to make the game look extremely realistic. The pack also benefits from simply stunning water and lava animations, as well as a beautiful interface.


Life Photo Realistic HD Changelog v1.7:

  • Updated a whole bunch of older things for 1.7.9!

Installation tutorial:

I highly recommend using OptiFine after the 1.6 update to reduce lag.

  1. Download the resource pack.
  2. Download the MCPatcher HD for Minecraft at this link
  3. Run the patcher after downloading and press ‘patch’ (making sure the HD textures and HD font boxes are ticked).
  4. Put the texture pack into the ‘texture pack’ folder, located where all your other Minecraft documents are.
  5. Open Minecraft and select it from the ‘Resource Packs’ menu.
  6. Play!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 10
Animation - 9.9
Mobs - 10


Editors' Choice

A pack very well made by Storm_Core_Films, thanks you for update!

User Rating: 4.23 ( 135 votes)

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