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Iron Man 2 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Iron Man 2 resource pack is really dependent upon an extraordinary film to look for numerous individuals. It was made into a well know model funnies and motion pictures have been recorded at a later time. I accept this is a fabulous thought and might have been beforehand improved in numerous forms. These are only a portion of the characteristics you might never get to experience, and past experience. This is an eminent and have been proposed lately. Presently you might make sure that when you fix this form, you can work through the establishment handle and download the most recent form of Minecraft. I trust that you will get astonishing knowledge when playing the round of Minecraft with this resource pack. As well, I’m sure you will find this pack interesting because it has, until now, over one hundred thousand downloads, so it is kind of a popular pack.


Iron Man 2 Resource Pack includes:

  • Default Tony Stark skin
  • White signs
  • 5 paintings (Stark’s screens)
  • Menu buttons
  • Chainmail, gold and diamond armour
  • Tool bar
  • Dispenser
  • Crafting table
  • Furnace
  • Chests
  • Enchantment table
  • Jukebox
  • Note block
  • Pumpkin/jack ‘o’ lantern
  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Dropers

Iron Man 2 Changelog v3.2:

  • Added new sound files
  • Added new textures
  • Updated to 1.7.X

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Iron Man 2 texture pack and MCPatcher HD
  2. Open MCPatcher and choose random mobs and hd fonts, and click on the “patch” button to patch your game
  3. Put the resource pack file into the “/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/resourcepacks”
  4. Open game and select this pack, from Options -> Resource Packs button
  5. Have fun, with this cool pack

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 9.7
Item Texture - 9.8
Animation - 10
Mobs - 9.3


Editors' Choice

Iron Man … such a great movie, such a great pack!

User Rating: 4.19 ( 33 votes)

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