TouhouCraft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

TouhouCraft Resource Pack is a pack that allows you to experience a little bit of the dark colors and a little bit of the bright colors, so we could say it is a balanced pack. But not the colors are important in this pack, but the items and mobs that are implemented by it. Also, there are new sound effects ( for example when you level up ) and some bugs from the last version have been fixed, so the Minecraft 1.7.2 version is so stable you won’t get any kid of errors. This pack comes with the x32 resolution but you don’t have to care, because there are more to experience than just some low resolution. Not just a simply and annoying pack like the ones you are used to, but a great pack who is willing to challenge you for the rest of the time. Make sure you play this with your friends because it is awesome. Have fun and get ready!


Changelog in v0.5.1:

  • Fixed Touhou music not working in 1.7.4.
  • Fixed crosshair when SUPERSECRETSETTINGS is enabled.
  • Fixed missing horse heath/speed bar.
  • Did houstonia flower
  • Did allium flower

Installation tutorial:

  1. Install MCPatcher HD or Optifine, because it is an HD pack
  2. Download TouhouCraft(ver 0.4.9C).zip
  3. Copy this file .zip in .minecraft/resourcepacks
  4. Open Minecraft and select this pack, enjoy!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.5
Block Texture - 9.5
Item Texture - 9.5
Animation - 9.6
Mobs - 10


Editors' Choice

TouhouCraft is an HD pack, which is made in 32x32 resolution and is compatible with Minecraft 1.7.X!

User Rating: 3.67 ( 8 votes)


  1. blank

    This was clearly not an HD pack. Very disappointed.

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