⚙️ Rustic Resource Packs

Rustic resource packs bring in new elements of grittiness and raw gameplay to the Minecraft world. With dirty and sharp designs, you will find a completely new atmosphere in your gameplay experience. Enjoy these resource packs designed after some of the most intuitive rustic games and popular culture references.

Ravand’s Realistic Resource Pack ⚙️

32x ⥂ 256x Ravand’s Realistic 1.7.10

There are few realistic resource packs that hold the same prestige as Ravand's Realistic resource pack. This pack is designed with outstanding element designs and...

Kalos Resource Pack ⚙️

16x Kalos 1.8.9

The Kalos resource pack is the original invention from the creator of the Kalos resource pack saga. The original resource pack version reinvents the Middle Ages'...

Kalos Soulsand Chapter Resource Pack ⚙️

16x Kalos Soulsand Chapter 1.8.9

The Kalos Soulsand Chapter resource pack is another great invention from the creator of the Kalos resource pack. The Soulsand Chapter version reinvents the Middle...