Minecraft Enhanced 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Minecraft Enhanced Resource Pack is now available for Minecraft 1.6+ and it comes with five different types of resolutions, from x32 to x256 and this is a really great feature. If we compare this version of the resource pack with the previous one, we can realize that there are some changes and the developer, d3fin3d by its name, did a really good job. Making the same old “default” pack into an AWESOME decent one! The name utilized might be, Minecraft Enhanced! Actually, somebody as of recently resolved that and made an Enhanced form of Minecraft! An extremely standard sort of surface pack I needed to see for pack. Minecraft Enhanced form is one of my top choice packs since it isn’t anything. There is a horse armor available and a new hay block and if you remember the issue of the inventory and the health UI, well now these issues are not present anymore in the game. All you have to do is to download the resource pack and experience it! Have fun!


Changelog v1.7:

  • Restructuring of the Entire pack to fit the new 1.7 standard.
  • Updated Horse Armor!
  • Updated Hay Block.
  • Fixed horse Inventory and Health UI issue.
  • Updated Silverfish.
  • Updated Enderman.
  • Added Sandstone Pillars with Ctm.
  • Added Ctm Ice texture.
  • Added bark tops for Tree Variations.
  • Updated Saddle Item, it’s much better now 🙂
  • Updated Lily Pads.
  • Probably other stuff I forgot!

Installation tutorial:


  1. Download MCPatcher HD
  2. Run MCPatcher HD
  3. Download Enhanced texture pack
  4. Press (windows key+ r) to open “run” window
  5. Type “%appdata%” without the quotation marks
  6. Open the “.minecraft” folder
  7. Open “resourcepacks” folder
  8. Move or copy the .zip texture pack into the “%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/resourcepacks” folder
  9. Run Minecraft
  10. Select the Enhancedt texture pack in the menu
  11. Enjoy


  1. Download MAC version of MCPatcher HD, and patch MC
  2. Download the texture pack .zip file
  3. Click Finder and press: Command(AppleKey) + Shift + G
  4. Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks/
  5. Move/Copy the
    Minecraft Enhanced v1.6 VVVx.zip to this folder
  6. Run MC
  7. Select the Enhanced texture pack in the menu
  8. Done

Review Overview

Originality - 9.9
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 9.5
Animation - 9.5
Mobs - 10


Editors' Choice

nhanced is a great alternative for Faithful 32x or 64x, it has 5 different resolution and require MCPatcher to run in HD!

User Rating: 4.4 ( 9 votes)


  1. blank

    Hey Nice Texture Pack i love it C:

  2. blank

    Why do we need mcpatcher anymore it does it automatically now.

  3. blank
    Lars Röthlisberger

    wana have it for 1.7.4 >.<

  4. blank

    jaime bien

  5. blank

    Jaime bien

  6. blank

    Lars its for 1.7.2 it doesnt matter 1.7.4 is the same just with twitch

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