MCPatcher HD 1.7.10

MCPatcher HD is a very important tool for users of resource packs in HD (from 32×32 up to 512×512 there are resolution HD).  Without this tool more resolutely would not see so good, only 16×16 packs, you do not need to install this tool. MCPatcher was created by Kahr and he it currently occupies for updates to each new version updating for Minecraft. This tool along with the support of version Resource Packs in 1.7.10, but can also convert texture packs from 1.5 to 1.7! This replaces Mojang’s TextureEnder.jar while also moving all MCPatcher-related files to a new directory structure. You may see below the following resource packs structure of the new packs, video preview, image with this tool, installation tutorial and download links for Windows, MAC and Linux.


This is the structure for resource packs:

assets/minecraft/textures - all vanilla files
assets/minecraft/mcpatcher - all MCPatcher files
~ = assets/minecraft/mcpatcher
~/anim - Custom animations (not items or blocks)
~/cit - Custom Item Textures rules
~/ - Global CIT properties
~/colormap - Custom biome palettes
~/ - Global Custom Colors settings
~/ctm - Connected Textures rules
~/dial - Custom clock and compass
~/font - HD Font.
~/lightmap - Custom lighting palettes for overworld, Nether, the End
~/line - Custom fishing line and lead textures
~/mob - Random Mobs alts and biome+height rules
~/ - Better Glass
~/sky - Skybox textures and properties for Better Skies

Notes and Recent Changes:

  • Updated to support the new resource packs format introduced in 1.7
  • A utility to convert texture packs to resource packs format.
  • Updated for Minecraft 1.7.10

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download the correct version of the patcher for your OS.
  2. Now, open file whom you download.
  3. Click on the “Patch” button!
  4. Now we have to wait for finish of the installed MCP!
  5. After everything is installed, you can test if it works correctly a resource pack HD. Just make you a click on “Test Minecraft” button!
  6. Enjou!


  1. Avatar for Gabriel

    My virus detector (Norton 360) sayes it’s a virus… D:

  2. Avatar for CalebK123

    My mediafire wont work to download anything i tried to download the tropical vacation epic jump map and it wouldnt download

  3. Avatar for ----

    Minecraft texturenpatcher ist schlecht weil dort dann sehr viele texturen fehlen!

  4. Avatar for Caleb

    Im unable to check the Extended HD box, its grey and unclickable. I use mcpatcher-4.1.0-beta3 and minecraft 1.6.2

    • Avatar for Jason Lynch

      Caleb, not sure if you down loaded the wrong version of McPatcher. Their are two types. One works only on Macs the other on PCs. Do you have the McPatcher jar or the other version? The jar version is for Macs. If you have the wrong type the boxes will be gray like you describe. Hopefully this helps.

  5. Avatar for Zach

    I’m not sure if I’m the only person having this issue (MACuser), but I followed the installation steps and I’m seeing no resource pack or mod option when I kick up the game.

  6. Avatar for Killian

    help! I downloaded this, and now when I boot up minecraft the command console say gave up trying to download,something something, something, job finished with one failure(s).

    help me please!

  7. Avatar for Samus


    • Avatar for CopiedRyuzoku

      Try this: empty out your .minecraft folder, then run the launcher; the launcher should in turn re-download all the regular Minecraft files.

  8. Avatar for Pyrope

    Everybody, use optifine instead. I once used this and it crashed my game numerous times. Stay far away from this.

  9. Avatar for anonymous

    it keeps coming up with the panda thing saying its not safe

  10. Avatar for MCjojo

    That is for 1.6.2 :/

  11. Avatar for just wow

    Holy Crap. I am in awe at the level of writing displayed in this topic. Everyone here in the 5th grade?

  12. Avatar for help

    wow. It deletes it as soon as i click on it. im in 1.7.2 so I can’t get optifine! HELP.

  13. Avatar for ryuzoku

    pretty much just empty out your .minecraft folder. then use the launcher. it will redownload all the regular minecraft files

  14. Avatar for Game_Master_3000

    can some one help once I ran minecraft pacther it worked. but when I put on john smith resourch pack the grass was grey please help.

    • Avatar for HelpfulHelpfulHippo

      This could have something to do with the fact that the original minecraft texture for grass is not the same color as the grass appears. Instead, the original texture is modified with a colorant depending on the biome; this is how the same blocktype can be colored differently biome by biome.

  15. Avatar for Ikram

    What happened with my mc?

  16. Avatar for Alex

    whenever i try to launch minecraft, it comes up with a message saying that it has been modded and that im not aloud to use it, and that i should tell the mod maker of it

    • Avatar for HelpfulHelpfulHippo

      Yeah, this is a new thing they’ve done; the updater checks the core version folder and changes the folder to include only unmodded vanilla Minecraft components, redownloading the files off the Internet if necessary. If you want to run Minecraft with mods, you have to create a new version folder on your console and mod that instead.

  17. Avatar for Socrates

    Minecraft help or something more ambiguous?

  18. Avatar for ?

    every time I open up mc

  19. Avatar for GGPYT


  20. Avatar for ResourcePacks

    If eng.

  21. Avatar for Anonymous User

    That’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Someone needs to give this guy a reward!

  22. Avatar for Katie

    Is this like a mod? or something because i’m done with 16×16 resource packs people say you can use optifine instead but then other people say you can’t for resource packs and i trust optifine a lot more since that’s what my friends used… reply?

  23. Avatar for DeathSorcerer508

    Wow… really? Can’t even install simple mods or clients…… stupid!

  24. Avatar for Amy

    WAIT IT IS SAFE JUST READ ok it does work but first it depends on if your installing a mod or a resource pack if your installing a resource pack first open the patcher and only tick the HDtextures and the HDfont those are the only ones which should be ticked then click patch once it is done patching click the test minecraft button it should work perfectly and so should your resource pack now if you want to install mods leave all boxes unticked I assume your following an install video or something so follow that but keep the boxes unticked or your game will most likely crash hope this helped!

  25. Avatar for Recource/texture pack inspecto
    Recource/texture pack inspecto

    quite cool never seen eny realistic packs before

  26. Avatar for martinshady

    im using optifine but now i cant find the download link because when i click on the 1.7.5-1.7.9 download it says i need optifine or mcpatcher but i got both HELP

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