Feathersong 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Feathersong resource pack is one of the greatest resource packs you could ever imagine, however this is a standout amongst the most aesthetic packs you might be seeing in quite a while as well. This was 100% produced out of the creator himself without any alteration from any viable mods or resource packs.
This pack has a warm, natural, flighty, and somewhat medieval feel, and is made for those of us who jump at the chance to live on the up-beat side of life. Here you’ll find summery hints and fun loving plans, all wrapped up in 16x resolution. Here you’ll find rundown hints and energetic outlines, all wrapped up in a delightful pack. In the event that you don’t prefer something, don’t hesitate to recommend an interchange. Sounds fascinating, correct? assuming that you need to download and instate this Feathersong Resource Pack, just see the photographs below.


The creator of this pack begin it with a pixel specialty of pieces in which was now given to you throughout the minecraft open beta in its first day! Presently everything have developed into an incredible pack. This composition pack has a warm, springish, provincial, flighty and a slight medieval foundation which fits faultlessly with the minecraft subject.
Enormous thank and credit should head off to steelfeathers for makes this breathtaking Feathersong 1.6.2 Texture Pack. We truly like your resource pack and we are so delighted in playing minecraft with this pack.

Changelog v1.7a:

  • Minecraft 1.7.4 compatible.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues– noteblock, detector rails, and pumpkin/melon stems should now all work as intended. Glitchy items were also fixed.

Installation tutorial:

Note: This pack is 90% finished, some items / blocks may be the default.

Note: You can use MCPatcher for a better look, but not required for works this pack!

  1. Download FeatherSong pack in .zip file.
  2. Copy / move .zip file in .minecraft/resourcepacks folder. (Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks)
  3. Run Minecraft and select this pack, Options => Resource Packs!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.5
Block Texture - 9
Item Texture - 8.5
Animation - 9
Mobs - 9.5


Editors' Choice

A very original resource pack which any minecrafter out there should have it installed. Download now for MC 1.7.4 and play on your worlds / servers!

User Rating: 4.43 ( 7 votes)

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