Assassin Creed Brotherhood 1.6.4 Resource Pack

Assassin Creed Brotherhood Resource Pack is a special pack and since this interesting pack has been introduced onto your minecraft, the needed form; you are conceded the capacity to turn into a murderer, encountering the Assassins ideology diversions, how they might have been encountered, yet inside your universe of minecraft rather. Bringing forth inside your planet is totally typical, however once you have made and set the Animus, which works comparable to a close entryway; you basically stroll through it, and the planet inside the Animus will create, bringing forth edifices, towers and characteristically producing landscape with NPC, watchmen and citizens. But I don’t know how you guys think about this skin. I suggested you to try to download it and try to play with that pack for a while. The main terrible thing there is the way that the sheep are scarcely not the same as the definitive, and i cant underscore enough on the extent i wish the developer might change that.


Assassin Creed Brotherhood Changelog v5:

  • Updated – 1.6.4
  • Edited – Terrain Files
  • Edited – Item Files

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Assassin Creed Brotherhood Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.4 (link for download, below)
  2. Download and patch using MCPatcher HD or Optifine
  3. At start menu, run > /%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks/
  4. Copy and Paste the resource pack (.zip file) without unzipping
  5. Open Minecraft and change resource pack in-game
  6. Done!

Review Overview

Originality - 8.5
Block Texture - 8.4
Item Texture - 8.7
Animation - 8
Mobs - 8.9



Patient and careful, but only if you don’t want to die.

User Rating: 3.99 ( 17 votes)

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