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Transformers Prime 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Transformers Prime Resource Pack updates the look of your diversion to make it look much the same as the prevalent film, TV and toy establishment. Darker colors and a chilly mechanical feel truly sets the disposition assuming that you are a fanatic of Transformers particularly! This pack adds the Transformers to your Minecraft planet in an extraordinary looking pack. One of the few packs that incorporate sounds so far and it has been well done. All you need to do is to basically introduce this asset pack as the guidelines show and everything will show up when you boot up Minecraft. You can pick this pack from the choices menu on the title screen of Minecraft and select Transformers Prime pack.


Transformers Prime Changelog v4.2:

  • 1.7.4 Compatible!
  • updated pack description
  • corrected angle of wood sword
  • HDigitized the full moon texture
  • Smoothened red glass texture
  • Smoothened yellow glass texture
  • Corrected visor color of zombie
  • Corrected zombie skull texture
  • Updated brown, gray, and lime wool
  • lime->gray->brown
  • Updated item frame
  • Improved and shorter Soundwave enderman sounds
  • Added Soundwave endermen death sound
  • Added Predaking enderdragon sounds effects!

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download this pack
  2. Save to your computer
  3. Open start menu
  4. Search “run”
  5. Search %appdata%
  6. Open .minecraft
  7. Open resourcepacks folder
  8. Drag the TFP_Beast_Hunters_v4.2.zip file into the folder
  9. Run minecraft

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 8.8
Item Texture - 9.5
Animation - 9.4
Mobs - 9.7


Editors' Choice

Just some robots who can act like humans, nothing more…

User Rating: 3.79 ( 12 votes)

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