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Team Fortress 2 1.6.4 Resource Pack

Team Fortress 2 Resource Pack is presently accessible for minecraft and it is wonderful! All things considered, somebody has chosen to be an unbelievable individual and carry TF2 into Minecraft! This resource pack re-textures everything to make you have an inclination that you’re playing one of valves generally mainstream titles once more! Sadly I can’t unmistakably state who made this pack as it is posted by lilcheeselad and he states his companion made this. In the first place thing you’re presumably set to recognize is the GUI. The health hearts resemble the surgeon cross’ in Tf2 and the yearning bar resembles the force up bar. I directly suppose it looks extraordinary! The wood has an orange tinge and finds exceptionally battered; much like in TF2. The greater part of the metal pieces are in cased in cartons (jewel piece, iron square and so on) which is extremely Tf2 styled. One of my favourite things in any case, which isn’t the best thing however still my favourite, is the way that in the GUI you have titles in the same Tf2 font.


Team Fortress 2 Changelog 1.6 Update and BLU Craft:

New textures:

  • Hardened clay
  • All dyed clay
  • Horse inventory menu
  • Horse GUI

The BLU version of this pack is now as up to date as its RED counterpart. Both are provided in the TF2 Packs.zip

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download TF2 Resource Pack
  2. Ope Tf2 Packs.zip
  4. Locate and open .minecraft folder
  5. Open resourcepacks folder
  6. Insert RED CRAFT.ZIP or BLU CRAFT.ZIP in this folder
  7. Enjoy!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 9.6
Item Texture - 9.5
Animation - 9.5
Mobs - 9.7


Editors' Choice

Just another amazing resource pack that is a must have.

User Rating: 3.3 ( 18 votes)

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