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Optifine HD for Minecraft 1.7.5 Resource Pack


Optifine HD Mod is the most popular thing about Minecraft and I bet this is one of the first things that you can think of when someone asks you about minecraft. And because it is so popular, it is always updated, so now it is available for Minecraft 1.7.5 and 1.7.2 too. Optifine has the purpose to improve your gameplay ... Read More »

Pamplemousse 1.7.5 Resource Pack


Pamplemousse is a WIP resource pack which plans to reenact the look and feel of a HD surface pack, inside a reduced 16×16 bundle. It mixes effortlessness with multifaceted nature keeping in mind the end goal to make a smooth, clean, and alert gaming background. The subject of Pamplemousse is based around cutting edge outline and structural engineering, yet, it ... Read More »

Soartex Fanver 1.7.5 Resource Pack


Soartex Fanver Resource Pack is a very smooth pack and I’m sure you will like it if you will try it, but first let me tell you what I think about this pack. Besides the fact that it comes with a resolution of x64, which is not that bad, you will be able to experience some new ways of color ... Read More »

Smooth Realistic 1.7.5 Resource Pack


Smooth Realistic Resource Pack does something astonishing, it updates the compositions to advanced surfaces that you will see on your every day schedule. The bookshelves look much the same as true ones, there are cooler surfaces and entryway compositions which you have never seen previously. Being reasonable is hard, however when you utilize this composition pack you get a jaw ... Read More »

Dokucraft The Saga Continues 1.7.5 Resource Pack


Dokucraft The Saga Continues Resource Pack is available in HD and updated for Minecraft 1.7.5! This texture is a RPG resource pack very well successful and is continuing work dokucraft texture pack, created by “doku”. The Saga Continues is created and designed by Hickerydickery. This pack is available in two resolution HD (32×32 and 64×64) and one non HD(16×16). Because it ... Read More »