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SimpleCraft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

SimpleCraft Resource Pack is one of the most popular minecraft resource pack because of its simplicity. It comes with a resolution of x16 and if you are looking for something complicated or for something that could drive you crazy, this is not the pack that you are looking for. I could really say that this pack is keeping everything to its basics, so it is a pack for the beginners who just started to feel what minecraft really means. What more can I say? If you like old school stuff or vintage stuff this resource pack is definitely for you.  Sometimes, it even has all the earmarks of being an alternate diversion. Presently, to keep the creativity of the diversion vivified, here’s a surface pack that will support the Minecraft planet plain and straightforward as possibl Oh, and by the way, this pack is now available for Minecraft 1.7.4! Have fun and stay tuned for more resource packs!


Changelog’s v13.08:

  • Updated for 1.7.4 by Trapinch2000

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download the pack using the download link below.
  2. Open Minecraft and press the “Resource Packs” button.
  3. Then press “Open Resource Pack Folder”
  4. Place SimpleCraft_VX.zip into it.
  5. Click on SimpleCraft on minecraft.

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 10
Animation - 9.5
Mobs - 9.5


Editors' Choice

This resource pack is very simple, but it show incredibly good on resolution of 16x16!

User Rating: 3.83 ( 25 votes)

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  • kia

    I really like this texture or resource packs whoever that made it ill thank him but one question how do you get
    that texture?

  • Bobby

    Dude so much of this is just stolen from oCd by Disco. I wouldnt give it 10 for originality.

    • This pack was developed before making OCD’s pack!

    • KEW724

      oCd texture pack by FVDisco was not originally meant for the public.But it got really popular and people are now saying stuff is stolen from him.So no,this was not stolen.

  • Bobby

    Also, you didnt even texture water, portals, or lava. a lot is missing. update it dude.

  • Rodfodo

    How do you get the pack?

  • Syrquet

    I am taking a wild guess here: I would say that you would press the download button. Just a guess, don’t hate on me if I’m wrong

  • liam2110

    to download it click on the text (Download Simplecraft Resource Pack For Minecraft 1.6.2) next to the green arrow above the second DOWNLOAD button. that will take you to the mediafire download

  • I love it.

  • Lady Of Obsidian