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Ravand’s Realistic 1.7.5 Resource Pack

Ravand’s Realistic Resource Pack comes with five types of resolutions, starting from 16×16 and ending with 256×256 which is good enough for any minecraft player out there who likes to feel the details of the game. Because it is a realistic texture pack, the colors that are coming within are brighter and every detail seems to be clearer than before. Also, you will be able to develop new ideas about what a realistic texture pack means if you choose to install this one. The surfaces of your Minecraft planet will be smoother than at any other time in recent memory. As you can see, there is not even a touch of unpleasantness. Everything will appear brighter and cleaner! Likewise, this pack will give you new and intriguing skins for your territory and things. Have fun enjoying this amazing texture pack and remember always to share the cool features that you find about this pack with your friends.


Supported Mods:

  • Connected Textures Mod
  • Aether Mod

Ravand’s Realistic Changelog v1.7.5:

  • Texturepack Updated to 1.7.5
  • Not all 1.7.4 textures have been added yet but most of them, Have fun!
  • Also, I strongly suggest to use the latest MCpatcher for CTM textures

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download this resource pack, on your PC.
  2. Download MCPatcher HD and patch youre Minecraft.
  3. Move or copy the .zip file to %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks
  4. Open Minecraft and select the resource pack
  5. Enjoy!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.9
Block Texture - 9.9
Item Texture - 9.8
Animation - 9.5
Mobs - 9.9


Editors' Choice

A great resource pack for Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.6.4, in 5 resolutions!

User Rating: 3.38 ( 61 votes)

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