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PIGpack 1.7.4 Resource Pack

PIGpack Resource Pack is not every single about pig. The villagers are pigs, a portion of the work of art is pig themed, and possibly various things. Whatever remains of the pack is the usual way things work. Pigpack began with a supplanting of the surfaces the designer detested (soil, rock, cobblestone, and so on). Through the years it turned into a remix pack however significantly all the more as of late it is almost all unique (there are textures that are roused from other incredible composition craftsmen so you might recognize a couple of likenesses). Because of my PIG group mates and the resource pack neighborhood for enthusiasm when I was trapped. Likewise, thank you for enduring my obsessive Minecraft babble.


PIGpack Changelog v1.7:


  • Podzol (new texture)
  • Packed Ice (new texture)
  • Acacia Logs, Leaves, Planks, Sapling (new textures)
  • Dark Oak Logs, Leaves, Planks, Sapling (new textures)
  • Rose Bush (new texture)
  • Double Tall Grass (new texture)
  • Double Paeonia Flower (new texture)
  • Fern (new texture)
  • Syringa (new texture)
  • Allium (new texture)
  • Houstonia (new texture)
  • Daisy (new texture)
  • Paeonia (new texture)
  • Blue Orchid (new texture)
  • Sun Flower (new texture)
  • all the Tulips (tweak)
  • all the Stained Glass (tweak/new texture)
  • NoteBlock (new texture)
  • Melon Stem (new texture)
  • Brown Mushroom (new texture)
  • Gold Ore (new texture)
  • Coal Ore (tweak)
  • Emerald Ore (tweak)
  • Lapis Ore (tweak)
  • Hardened Clay (tweaked a few of the color tones)
  • Anvil Base (tweak)
  • Potatos/Carrots (slight tweak)
  • Powered Detector Rail (new texture (I forgot to do this one before))
  • Oak Leaves (new texture)
  • Flint (tweak)
  • Flint & Steel (new texture)
  • Puffer Fish (new texture)
  • Horse Armors (tweak)
  • Bow (new texture)


  • Support for Minecraft 1.7.2

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download PIGpack texture pack for Minecraft 1.7.4
  2. Open %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Open resourcepacks folder
  4. Move zip file of this resource pack in resourcepacks folder
  5. Open Minecraft and select in game this pack!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 9.8
Item Texture - 9.6
Animation - 9.9
Mobs - 10


Editors' Choice

Not only about pigs, but you can find what this is all about it by downloading it.

User Rating: 3.19 ( 7 votes)

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