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Kingstone’s Memorials 1.6.2 Resource Pack

Kingstone’s Memorials Resource Pack is above all else, what you may as well realize, an incorporation of a sort of murkiness (mysterious surfaces and so forth) and some truly awsome crowds (the most are made by jjpivotz and hydralisk303). Provided that you gaze close toward the first picture of the resource pack you will recognize the grass surface and shadows which originating from the corners of the picture. The developer didn’t made them with photoshop no way, they were made with shadders. I don’t truly knew why, however it helps him to remember Greece. Certainly is it has something acient! Furthermore the exact opposite thing are the GUI’s, they look truly awesome in my idea! Of course, it also happens that the creators trys all the same, but we will strongly demanding, because everyone is doing best of their ability. While it was a good idea-that-be were laid only a well-designed things that are completely ready for use. But what if the idea of ​​texture is not so interesting and unusual that it would just make out unnecessary work.


Kingstone’s Memorials Changelog v41:

  • New pic
  • Removing laggy textures
  • Adding new textures
  • Fixing pics
  • Bug: Paintings are now more HD than before!
  • Bug: The Texture pack Titel is now even bigger and perfect for 1420×1000 desktops.
  • Bug: Old PC’s have now a little bit more ram as befor, when playing with this TP.
  • Bug: Patched the last update (there were some texture problems I noticed)
  • Update 1.6.2

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Kingstone’s Memorials Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2, download link below
  2. Click on start menu, Run> /%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks
  3. Copy and Paste your reosurce pack (.zip file), there without unzipping
  4. Open Minecraft and change your resource pack
  5. Have fun!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.6
Block Texture - 9.9
Item Texture - 9.4
Animation - 9
Mobs - 9.6


Editors' Choice

Great things collected together into one single pack.

User Rating: 4.83 ( 2 votes)

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