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Hammerite Craft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Hammerite Craft resource pack is a medieval pack which is adding to your game some vintage stuff. This pack is now available for minecraft 1.7.4 and it was developed by DasDuriel. Also, Hammerite-Craft comes with a resolution of 64×64 which is great because you will be able to enjoy the details of the pack as it should be enjoyed.
Think about the last medieval movie you have seen and imagine the details of the buildings, the ships, the weapons and anything else you could think about. If you are able to describe the stuff from the movie, then you will be able to know what this resource pack implements into your Minecraft planet. As well, if you want to be part of this great pack and if you want to contribute, I let you know that the developer is searching for addicted minecrafters for feedback about its pack.


Hammerite-Craft Changelog v1.4.0

  • Added planks_big_oak
  • Added planks_acacia
  • Added log_big_oak_top
  • Added log_big_oak
  • Added log_acacia
  • Added log_acacia_top
  • Added leaves_big_oak_opaque
  • Added leaves_birch
  • Added leaves_acacia
  • Added leaves_acacia_opaque
  • Added ice_packed
  • Changed log_spruce_top
  • Update for 1.7.4

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Hammerite Craft Texture Pack
  2. Download MCPatcher HD fix
  3. Install MCPatcher and move .zip file in .minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  4. Run minecraft launcher and go to Options-> Resource Packs button
  5. Select this pack and play!

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 9.7
Animation - 9.7
Mobs - 9.4


Editors' Choice

A great pack if we are searching for a medieval one.

User Rating: 4.25 ( 14 votes)

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