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Fallenearth 1.7.5 Resource Pack

Fallenearth Resource Pack expects to oblige the diversion, Fallen Earth. Set in a post prophetically calamitous planet, this Pack makes you feel as though you are a survivor of an end of the world. This resource pack does this great, I must be respectable, it looks incredible. Provided that you are playing a mod or a guide, in which you are part of an end times, this pack might be extraordinary for you. This pack makes everything look dead and dreary, not ideal for everybody, yet in general, it runs with Fallen Earth great. It looks exactly as though the end of the world just occurred, making an incredible pack for an end of the world themed guide. It looks similarly as though the end times just occurred, making an incredible pack for an end times themed guide. Additionally, on a few obstructs, the compositions are vivified, and whoever did them, completed a truly fantastic work as the look incredible! In the event that you are in the inclination for something along the lines of Apocalypse, or Fallen Earth, this pack might be ideal for you!


Fallenearth Changelog v1.7:

  • Connected Textures, and random textures added!
  • Bookshelf
  • Glass
  • Sandstone
  • 6 random dirt types
  • 2 random stone types
  • Update for 1.7.5

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download the Fallenearth Resource Pack
  2. Browse into %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/resourcepacks
  3. Drag the zip folder into (resourcepacks)
  4. Select your resource pack in game.
  5. Enjoy!

Review Overview

Originality - 9.7
Block Texture - 9.7
Item Texture - 9.5
Animation - 9.5
Mobs - 9.5


Editors' Choice

Great action in only one piece of a pack.

User Rating: 3.72 ( 24 votes)

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  • Creative


  • dont use unless on peaceful because mobs don’t appear

  • SkythekidRS

    Super Amazing

    • EDawg_rocks

      :O sky! what up!

  • lol

    It comes up a video when i try to download it

    • uthal

      because ur STUPID

  • ullert

    well, I am the creator of this resource pack… thx for the great reviews. but pelase put a link to our original download site later

    • EDawg_rocks

      Uhm i cant get the texture pack what ever i click, i get shown Ilivid…

  • janny1330


  • alexfgalaxy

    hmm it’s not very cool 🙁

    • andres

      i know right its not very fallen earth theam

  • poisonus_zombie

    where do i download?

  • tite

    All of you are stupid. It’s “you’re” not “your”.

  • HecticGaming

    I am making an adventure map and since I am a terrible artist Im going to use this resource pack. I hope that’s okay. In the trailer I’ll put a link to your download.