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Chirco-Craft 1.6.4 Resource Pack

Chirco-Craft resource pack looks excellent and is decently planned, it is a surrounding resource pack that is reasonably shining and additionally has exceptional lighting and shadows. The environment with this pack is sensibly testy, the resource pack as themed for medieval times might be suitable for RPG playing, in any case it might be out of spot in the event that you were moving toward building an atomic power station for instance. By and large the resource pack is extraordinary and is an unquestionable requirement strive for everybody out there who cherishes Minecraft and skyrim, or just medieval themed surfaces. The resource pack is composed in a medieval style. Chirco-Craft composition pack is a shining pack with grouchy surfaces and a positive climate. The creator has made a great showing with the lighting of the composition pack, it is encompassing and splendid.


Chirco-Craft Changelog v1.6:

  • Added a texture for Lead
  • Added/Improved Images
  • Edited hay texture
  • Improved the whole Gui folder
  • Improved horse Gui
  • Improved horse textures
  • General update of textures
  • Removed adf link for download
  • Updated texture pack more towards 1.6

Installation tutorial:

  1. Go into start, type %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks
  2. Click on resourcepacks folder
  3. Just click and drag zip file it into that folder
  4. Have fun!

Note: If you need more features you can install MCPatcher or Optifine, but not required.

Review Overview

Originality - 9
Block Texture - 9.7
Item Texture - 9.5
Animation - 9.2
Mobs - 9.3


Editors' Choice

Beautifull sunsets and amazing landscapes all available just for you.

User Rating: 4.28 ( 11 votes)

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