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Simplistic Resource Packs

Simplex 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Simplex Resource Pack

The name says everything! Simplex is a HD oversimplified Resource Pack which doesn’t change minecraft planet a considerable measure. It will just make the amusement more shortsighted. Coincidentally, it is a HD pack that comes in one HD determination of 128×128 and something for you to truly see yourself movie …

CSB 1.7.4 Resource Pack

CSB Resource Pack

CSB resource pack is something the designer has been finalizing for quite a while. He had a fabulous time making it and for that he trusts you revel in playing minecraft with this. In the event that you need to give him any prescriptions about the things you don’t prefer, …

JellyBeanCraft 1.6.4 Resource Pack

JellyBeanCraft Resource Pack

JellyBeanCraft Resource Pack is one of that packs and it likewise accompanies a great deal more characteristics that are updating your gameplay experience into an option that is superior to in the recent past. This is the first pack made by this engineer, so how about we hearten him and …

KaplaCraft 1.6.4 Resource Pack

KaplaCraft Resource Pack

KaplaCraft Resource Pack is a smooth asset pack with some hard! Surfaces are in a redesign adaptation i will include soon more compositions i have as of recently textured the fundamental things like grass, stone, cobble, etc. Besides, the colors of this pack are darkish however the shade doesn’t make …

Horizons 1.6.4 Resource Pack

Horizons Resource Pack

Horizons Resource Pack is one of the packs that you can play without any slack in light of the fact that it accompanies a resolution of 32×32. This composition pack is not so the same as vanilla one, yet this one is the one you may as well pick in …

Better Craft 1.6.2 Resource Pack

Better Craft Resource Pack

Better Craft Resource Pack is accessible for Minecraft 1.6.2 and it accompanies a respectable resolution of 64×64 yet this is not something to stress over. There is also an incredible course of action of hand paint work in it plus. The shades of this pack are impeccable and it truly …