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RPG Resource Packs

Gerudoku Faithful 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Gerudoku Faithful Resource Pack

Gerudoku Faithful resource pack is very well done and original style. It is made with a resolution of 32×32 and updated for Minecraft 1.7.4. To run this resource pack in HD you need installed MCPatcher or Optifine HD . The author for Gerudoku Faithful is Dangeresque486 and invite you view …

KayneCraft 1.7.4 Resource Pack

KayneCraft Resource Pack

KayneCraft resource pack looks really awesome in Minecraft 1.7.4! In this texture pack every details matters a lot to the author of this resource pack! ThadiusKayne is the author KayneCraft resource pack and deserve all the respect for the work they do with this pack! You can install this pack in 3 resolutions at …

Agito 1.6.4 Animated Resource Pack

AGITO Resource Pack

Agito Animated Resource Pack is what we all call fancy and that’s because it is made of hundreds of colors that will bring some joy into our minecraft gameplay experience. As the developer says, RaewCZ by its name, in this pack everything moves, so expect from the entire environment a …

Moray 1.7.4 Resource Pack

Moray Texture Pack

Moray Resource Pack is an unprecedented bit of symbolization that puts me into a state of miracle every time I utilize it. Every, singular texture enabled into the amusement to displace the Default compositions of the environment of Minecraft are totally astounding. To the point of consummation. The inventor of …

The Arestian’s Dawn 1.7.5 Resource Pack

The Arestians Dawn Resource Pack

The Arestian’s Dawn – 32x RPG Styled Resource Pack gives an extraordinary feeling to the diversion, it permits you to be preoccupied in a RPG escapade planet! This composition pack is correct percent finished and might be effortlessly instituted for customer and server with optifine! As an eager Minecraft player, …

FNI Realistic RPG 1.7.4 Resource Pack

FNI Realistic RPG Texture Pack

FNI Realistic RPG Resource pack is a high resolution resource packs are astounding in just about each way. It only wholes up the finalized outcome, transforming an incredible bit of craftsmanship, into a stunning bit of work of art. Then again all high definition resource packs require an outside system …