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Default Resource Packs

Equanimity Resource Pack 1.7.4


Equanimity Resource Pack - There are very few Minecraft resource packs which do a good job of dealing with the plain old ugly look of the water in the game. Yes, it’s blue and yes, it does flow along the path of least resistance just like water, but that doesn’t change the way it looks. Equanimity is a resource pack for ... Read More »

BlockSmith Hybrid 1.7.4 Resource Pack


BlockSmith Hybrid Resource Pack is made by the developer Blocksmithed and it comes with a resolution of x32. Some of you might think that a resolution not as high as this one is could interfere with the game experience, but it doesn’t. This resource pack is implementing into your minecraft game new style for weapons, mobs and because Minecraft 1.6 ... Read More »

DTI: Default Textures Improved 1.7.4 Resource Pack


DTI ( Default Textures Improved ) Resource Pack is one of the greatest packs out there until now and this is, in my opinion, what makes the minecraft game a really competitor for the other online multiplayer games. You know how there are minecrafters that complains every time about the design of the game and how they are saying that ... Read More »

Paper Cut-out 1.7.4 Resource Pack


Paper Cut-out Resource Pack is basically the same with oCd Resource Pack and if you love that one, you will love this too. Nevertheless, there are some differences that we are about to discuss right now. The developers of this resource pack listen to their fans to what they need to see in the past versions. This is handy for ... Read More »

Xaiwaker 1.6.4 Resource Pack


Xaiwaker Resource Pack is now available in an x32 resolution only for Minecraft version 1.6.X and you can experience it as much as you want. You remember the old version of Xaiwaker and its features? Well, now there are some new implementations that I want you to know about, so here it comes: the creepers, skeletons and zombie are now ... Read More »