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AVP 1.7.4 Resource Pack

AVP resource pack is now available for Minecraft 1.7.4 and it comes with a resolution of 16×16. At the time you begin playing Minecraft for quite a while, you understand that the amusement fails to offer some test. This has incited the creator to making this magnificent mod for us to appreciate. The outsiders vs. predators resource pack includes a touch of the film into Minecraft by including new hordes, incorporating the main crowds and optional swarms which are solicited to administer life. We’ve sat down for a bit to add the principle crowds to the diversion, and incorporate a couple of others that are vital for the Alien Life cycle. Indeed, a couple of distinctive sorts of Predators. Also obviously a huge amount of epic weapons and instruments. I’ve even sat down to add 15+ squares to the amusement and let there be more space for the inventive side of people.


Aliens vs. predators has three species improved. The people, the outsiders and the predators. The Aliens to their temperament will murder everything in their direction while the predators kind of shield humanity and execute just what comes in their direction or makes a risk. The pack likewise includes different obstructs for imaginative individuals to play around with and fabricate new structural considers in the innovative mode. However this mod is significantly more fun whilst played on survival.

Changelog v5.3:

  • Now Minecraft 1.7.4 compatible!
  • Cleaned up files
  • Added menu, credits music

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Aliens vs. Predators texture pack.
  2. Download MCPatcher or Optifine, and install one of the two!
  3. Copy .zip texture pack file in .minecraft/resourcepacks folder.
  4. Open game and select this pack.

Review Overview

Originality - 10
Block Texture - 10
Item Texture - 10
Animation - 9.6
Mobs - 9.8


Editors' Choice

Survive as much as you can, kill as much as you want. Download now this pack + AVP Mod for MC 1.7.4!

User Rating: 2.76 ( 5 votes)

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